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Our compounding pharmacists can produce customized treatments from scratch using only pure base components.

Pure Pharmacy specializes in customizing medications to meet your personal needs, such as personalizing dosages, offering pharmaceuticals in liquid form, or removing substances to avoid adverse reactions.

We specialize in the following prescription compounds:

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are being hailed as a medical breakthrough by researchers and physicians due to their revitalizing effects on our physical and mental capabilities.


There are currently approximately 80 peptide drugs approved by the FDA in the United States. Peptide therapy has been shown to improve cell proliferation and has minimal toxicity, great potency, specificity, and a wide chemical and biological diversity. 


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Bioidentical Hormones

Synthetic hormones that are identical to those produced by the human body are known as bioidentical hormones. These are then used for treating men and women who have low or out of equilibrium hormones.


Pure Pharmacy pre-makes some prescription bioidentical hormones. Other forms are created to order with a physician's prescription. 


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Weight Loss

For many patients, maintaining a healthy weight is a necessity. Obesity rates are skyrocketing— there are linked health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and toxicity. 


When diet and exercise fail to provide the desired outcomes or a patient requires a "jump-start," compounding weight loss formulas may be a great alternative. We assist physicians in developing a unique patient plan that addresses: 


● Overall well-being 
● Unbalanced hormones 
● Slow metabolism 
● Detoxification 
● Fat deposits that refuse to go away


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Vitamins & Supplements

Pure Pharmacy's Compounding Service can create a wide range of personalized vitamins & supplements. 


Vitamins assist the body by boosting your immune system, maintaining nerve function, supporting correct blood coagulation, and optimizing energy intake from your meals, among many other benefits.


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There are numerous benefits of aging. Longevity comes with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and maturity.


However, the outward indicators of old age - the loss of suppleness, age spots, crows' feet, laugh lines, and other wrinkles that are unavoidable as the skin ages.


But don't worry! Our compounding pharmacists can create a cosmeceutical crème therapy tailored to your specific needs, making your skin appear youthful and healthier. Skin irritations, rashes, redness, and inflammation can be soothed and reduced with custom-made cosmeceutical products.


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Pain Management


Compounding is the science and art of making patient-specific drugs. Every person is different, and the kinds of pain they experience might be as well. 


Pure Pharmacy's compounding service provide patients with personalized pain management medication solutions that deliver quick and long-term relief.


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Other Custom Medication Services

Adrenal Burnout


Are you tired of being exhausted all the time? The adrenal glands are crucial to our health and survival, and when they aren't functioning correctly, they can induce weariness. 



Both males and females can benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy while they go through hormonal changes during their forties and fifties. 


Chronic Pain


Everyone struggles through pain in one form or another, but millions of people suffer from it on a daily basis; let's work together to find a solution. 



Our compounding pharmacists collaborate closely with dentists to guarantee a stress-free and pleasant dental visit. 



The primary detoxification channel and the first line of defence for your body is your skin. We seek to develop viable treatment plans for people of all ages who have skin problems that deliver. 



Several symptoms of Fibromyalgia can be managed with the help of doctors and pharmacists— An approach to healing that is tailored to the individual needs.



Many medications that are used to treat or manage chronic diseases and injuries have a detrimental impact on our digestive systems; Let us develop custom drugs that may safely regulate yours. 



Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and disturbing! Depending on the severity of the situation, we can produce unique drugs to alleviate the discomfort. 



Palliative Care 


 Taking care of those we care about can be difficult. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in terms of treatment options and symptoms.



If you and your partner have trouble conceiving, obtaining treatment from a functional medicine practitioner is a great way to discover and overcome the issue.




Patients with low bone density are more likely to break bones. We can also make customized bone-strengthening preparations to meet your specific requirements. 



Commercially accessible drugs are rarely provided in forms that appeal to the young lot. We can assist in developing medications that not only serve their purpose but are also enticing to the younger lot.



Perhaps it is because our feet are so far removed from our heads that we overlook the significance of keeping them healthy and in good shape. Let our compound drugs take care of the issue.

Postpartum Support 


Our top aim is to make sure you and your newborn have a safe, comfortable, and pleasant experience both during and after labour. 



Smoking Cessation 


If you've been trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking, we can assist you. Smoking-stopping drugs are widely accessible on the market. 

Sports Medication


Sports injuries are fairly common. They're frequently the price we pay for activities that are otherwise beneficial to our bodies and minds. We can create an ideal solution for your every wear and tear.

Thyroid Issues 


Any disruption in the endocrine system will have a ripple effect throughout the body. A typical example is the thyroid gland. We can design the custom drugs to tackle your individual issues.




With tailored medication constituents, we can assist treat problems affecting the urinary tract, such as urinary tract and reproductive issues. 

Vet Compounding


When it comes to taking medicine, pets can be fussy! When giving them compounding medicine, it's also crucial to consider their exact breed, weight, and overall distinctiveness. 


Healing Wounds 


Wounds that are not correctly treated and medicated might lead to severe infections later on. Wound healing is essential for your body's overall health as well as many of its systems.


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