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What is compounding?


The science of producing personalized drugs for patients is known as pharmacy compounding. Compounding drugs are made according to a doctor's prescription. The ingredients are combined in the exact strength and dosage form that the doctor specifies. When creating a prescription to address a specific requirement, this approach allows patients, physicians, and compounding pharmacists to work together.

What sort of prescriptions can be compounded? 


Almost any! Patients who require specific dosages and administration methods benefit from compounded drugs. 


The following therapeutic categories frequently employ our compounding services: 


● Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

● Sexual wellbeing

● Wound care and aesthetics

● Skin wellness and dermatology

● Veterinarian

Does compounding prescriptions cost more?


A compounded prescription's cost is determined by several factors. Some of the elements that influence cost are the type of ingredients used, the equipment needed, and the time it takes for the personnel to prepare what is ordered. We have access to bulk pure-grade chemicals, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

What are the advantages of compounding? 


A compounding pharmacist, in collaboration with your health care practitioner, can: 


● Change the formation of your medication, making it easier to use or swallow 

● Add flavour to your prescription to make it more appealing

● Change the strength of your prescription to match individualistic needs 

● In some instances, formulate pharmaceuticals no longer manufactured commercially into a single, easy-to-use form.


Is it safe for my child to take a compounded medication? 


Absolutely! In fact, youngsters and the elderly are frequently the best candidates for compounded drugs. Flavouring compounds can considerably improve the essence of medication, making it easier to give to a child and increasing compliance. 


We can adapt the medication's components to the patient's preferred flavour. We work closely with the physician to make the recovery process not only fast but considerably more enjoyable. 

Is it legal to compound drugs? Is it safe? 


As per Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US, Compounded prescriptions are both ethical and legitimate— as long as they are prescribed by a registered practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. Furthermore, state boards of pharmacy govern compounding.

Is it necessary for my physician to accord approval? 


Your doctor merely needs to prescribe for you. However, if the dosage is to be changed, their permission is required. 

Can Pure Pharmacy fill prescriptions that require sterile preparation? 


No, at the moment Pure Pharmacy is ONLY performing non-sterile compounding. We are in the process of setting up our very own inhouse state-of-the-art sterile isolator for sterile compounding to be opened in the near future.

What if my previous medication is no longer available? 


Even if the originally prescribed medication is not commercially accessible from the manufacturer, a prescription prepared by your physician for a new compound containing the active therapeutic ingredient can often be filled at Pure Pharmacy! 

Why compounding service for veterinary care and animals? 


In the same manner, as a human infant requires a lower dose of medication, a Labrador does not require the exact dosage as a Great Dane. As a compounding pharmacy, we may adjust the dosage to the animal's size and breed. We can also add flavouring to make the medication more appealing to your pet.


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