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UMA Organic Deeply Clarifying Face Oil 1oz

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This gentle yet high-impact formula balances and moisturizes as it combats impurities and buildup in blemish-prone skin. Clove essential oil combats blemish-causing impurities, while tea tree essential oil curtails the skin’s excess oil production. Lavender and clary sage essential oils regulate excessive oiliness while preventing over-drying and breakage that can leave the skin vulnerable to external toxins, making it an excellent choice for those with oily or combination skin. This blend is formulated in a grape seed oil base—rich in fatty acids that reduce unevenness.
- Combats blemish-causing impurities on the skin with botanical agents
- Moisturizes skin as it balances its natural oil producing functions, minimizing excess oil without causing dryness
- Maintains natural sebum production to prevent drying and breakage
- Provides natural barrier from environmental pollutants and impurities that would otherwise penetrate the skin